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      The series of elbows
      Pipe cap series

    The template pipe series

      Tees Crosses series
      Flanges series
      Socket pipe fittings
      Flanging pup series
      Pipe material series
      Corrugated compensator
      Soft rubber attachment
    Hebei Qiulin Pipe Fittings Co,Ltd. is lacated in the Chinese capital of elbow pipe  
      fitting where is north of Mengcun hui autonomous county .The east close to Bohai gulf Huanghua......  
    Phone :015133764358(Zhang Tao)/015133764336(Li Helin), E-mail:ellenishappy@hotmail.com Chinesealice929@hotmail.com skype:ellenwen16 wangliqin170
    Sales Office Tel: 0086-317-6834588 6834788  Fax :0086-317-6874988